Serono Serostim 6mg


7 vials for each box,
18IU(6mg) for each vial
total 126IU for each box

  • 1 Kit
  • 5 Kits
  • 10 Kits
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What is Serostim

Serostim is a brand name given to somatropin drug, a drug that is a human growth hormone made through a process of recombinant DNA technology. The drug is injectable and is used in conditions of muscle wasting mostly in HIV-positive patient or cachexia to increase their structural protein generation hence whole body lean mass. The drug is FDA approved and clinically tested to be effective.

Dosages and indications

For HIV positive and cachexia, the usual starting dosage of Serostim is 0.1mg/kg once daily without exceeding 6mg. Your doctor will determine your dosage based on your weight. It should be administered subcutaneously especially during bedtime for better results and person non-interference to daily activities. However concomitant antiretroviral therapy is necessary for HIV patients while taking serotism.

Preparations and administration

Each vial of single-use administration drug contains 5-6mg is reconstituted with 0.5ml to 1ml of sterile water for injection since it is powder form. The constitute should be administered immediately and leftovers discarded since its potency will be lost. Additionally, there is a multi-use administration dose which comes in a 4mg vial and is reconstituted with 0.5-1 ml of bacteriostatic water for injection. In the presence of a refrigerator, the solution can be kept at 2-8 degree Celcius for up to 14 days. The route of injection is subcutaneous and injections sites can be regularly changed from arms, legs, and abdomen. Caregivers should be adequately trained on how to reconstitute the drug. Moreover, you should not share the drug since the dosage is fixed and also sharing of needles is prohibited for infection prevention purposes. Caregivers should also practice using a new pair of gloves on every patient.

When can’t you take the drug?

1.When you have a malignant tumor
2.When in a critical condition i.e severe respiratory distress, coma and surgery.
3.History of allergies to growth hormones.
4.Breastfeeding or pregnancy conspiracy.

Side effects

These side effects are also labeled somewhere on the drug.
1.Breast enlargement among men.
2.Nausea and vomiting.
3.Elevated glucose levels.
4.Extreme fatigue
5.Joint, bones and muscle pain.
6.Hands, eyes and feet edema.
7.Abdominal tenderness.

Save on treatment

There is a patient assistance program for patients who do not have commercial insurance coverage. If you have been prescribed the drug you might be eligible for free Serostim. However, the benefactors must be residents of the US.

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