Hypertropin HGH 120IU


10 vials for each box,
12IU for each vial
high purity,manufactured by Neogenica Bioscience Ltd
very popular,effective,with good reputation.
combined each vial(12IU) with 1ml of plain sterile water for injection

IPAMORELIN Peptides & Hormones


Manufacturer: Fulmen Pharma Europe
Substance: Ipamorelin
Pack: 4 vials x 5 mg

Jintropin rHGH 100IU


Jintropin® is produced by GenScis patented E.coli secretion expression technology. Jintropin® has the same amino acid
sequence with 191 residues as the native human growth hormone produced in the human body. Jintropin® is a highly
purified preparation of hGH protein.

Juvetrope HGH 100IU


Lab Testing Certificate included
Lot code and batch number
10 IU x 10 vials of HGH  (Somatropin 191AA)
10ml sterile water for injection

Kigtropin HGH 100 IU


Kigtropin is a brand name of human growth hormone (HGH) that is produced and used to replace natural HGH which normally is produced by the pituitary gland. It is a highly effective bodybuilding and strength enhancing supplement.

Norditropin Pen SimpleXx HGH


Norditropin® is a prescription medicine that contains human growth hormone and is used to treat

Nuptropin HGH Orange Top


Specification: 12IU/vial, 10vials/box, 120IU/box

Top Color: Orange Top

Half-life: Around 2-3 Days

Amino Acid: 191aa (Amino Acid)

Nutropin AQ Pen


10mg/30IU cartridges

PEG-MGF® Peptides & Hormones


Manufacturer: Fulmen Pharma Europe
Substance: Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor
Pack: 4 vials x 2 mg